Just in time to remind you of our warm weather . . .

team shots of the NAIOP 2014 Golf Tournament!
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PDF is perfect for printing the photo on your office desktop printer, just follow the printing tips.
Jpeg is great for Facebook, emails or sending it out to a photo lab to be printed.

Printing Tips!
Set your printer scale to NONE in the printer preferences (see example here). This will help make sure your image remains a 5×7.
Print on 8.5×11 Photo Paper and cut out 5×7 image. Frame it!

NAIOP_2014_0002 NAIOP_2014_0003 NAIOP_2014_0004 NAIOP_2014_0005 NAIOP_2014_0006 NAIOP_2014_0007 NAIOP_2014_0008 NAIOP_2014_0009 NAIOP_2014_0010 NAIOP_2014_0011 NAIOP_2014_0012 NAIOP_2014_0013 NAIOP_2014_0014 NAIOP_2014_0015 NAIOP_2014_0016 NAIOP_2014_0017 NAIOP_2014_0018 NAIOP_2014_0019 NAIOP_2014_0020 NAIOP_2014_0021 NAIOP_2014_0022 NAIOP_2014_0023 NAIOP_2014_0024 NAIOP_2014_0025 NAIOP_2014_0026 NAIOP_2014_0027 NAIOP_2014_0028