The Art department at Century Sign Builders always wants your project to look its best and be as cost effective as possible. The following document has been provided to help you better understand the requirements for graphic processes at Century Sign Builders. If you need any additional information always feel free to contact any of our staff.


What is Vector?

Vector graphics are a set of mathematical instructions on how to draw a shape. Basically the file tells the computer to draw a line from A to B, B to C, C to D, D to A (this closes the shape). VECTOR graphics are the only graphic types than can be used by a vinyl plotter or computer engraver. Most professionally created logos are originally created as VECTOR graphics. Also know that your average office computer does not have the specialized software needed to open VECTOR graphics, but that DOES NOT mean the file is not good. If you find something like “” on your computer, but can’t open it, the file may still be usable at Century Sign Builders. If you are unable to locate a VECTOR copy of your artwork, contact your ad agency and request the file from them.

Also called: Post-Script or Line art

File extensions: .EPS, .AI, .CDR, .PDF, .FH9, .SCI, .SWF, .FLA


What is Bitmap?

BITMAP graphics are the most common type of graphic format used on computers. A BITMAP graphic is basically information about a grid. The file tells the computer how big the grid is, and then goes through the grid square by square and assigns a color to each square. The total number of squares in the grid is the quality of the graphic, also called DPI. Generally at Century Sign Builders BITMAP graphics are only used for sublimation or for ASI vendor products. RASTER graphics are NOT unusable for vinyl and computer engraving.

Also called: Raster graphics

File extensions: .EPS, .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, .PNG, .PSD and many more….
Also comes from: Scanners, Digital Cameras, Web Pages, Picture Cd’s