Meet our Design Team

Our environmental graphic designers and production artist work under the same roof as our fabrication department giving them full access to study new materials, understand value engineering design methods, and the ability to quickly facilitate prototyping.

A. Steven Raniszewski, Product and Marketing Manager

B. Dranna Insausti, Environmental Graphic Designer

C. John Myers, Production Artist and Environmental Graphic Designer

D.  Steve Insausti, Production Artist and Fabricator

E.  Rosa Castillo, Production Artist and Environmental Graphic Designer

F.  No longer with the team, left to become a night club singer

G. Stevey Ray Gurulé, Project Manager and Designer

H. Taylor Horger, Environmental Graphic Designer

I. Lawrence Spingola, Environmental Graphic Designer (not pictured)


What is an Environmental Graphic Designer?

A designer who embraces many design disciplines (graphic design, architectural design, placemaking design, wayfinding/signage design, and industrial design) to help create visual and emotional experiences within a  place and to design coherent systems to communicate information and directions through out the built environment.